Monday, 5 September 2016

                        The Dark Room

There was something there , lurking in the shadows of the black midnight room. Like a flamingo poking around the pond he was poking around my room. I bent down my static hair touching the rooms prickly surface. My heart began pounding like i was running  a Marathon and suddenly i Felt a staggering extraordinary pain in my back, it poked me hard i pared underneath me i saw a ghostly figure with sleek hair and an evil glear my head became a spining top millions of thoughts zoomed through my mind      

100 WC

His muscles bulged over his sweaty singlet and his eyes narrowed until they looked like a pigs. His thundering voice bellowed across the arena making the ropes rattle.

The animal stood brave and tall, sharp fangs ready to devour the man's  fleshy skin and tear out his giant mussels. The animals fur was standing on end.

Everybody stood fascinated and eager, the tension in the air made the animal grunt and roar.  Then gunshot sounded the bars of the cage broke in two like a child snapping a stick. The man let out a scream the animal let out a roar and I thought to myself “well what a start.”